Neutral Ground's Cardio Kickboxing classes combines traditional kickboxing with strength and cardiovascular movements into the ultimate workout. This thirty workout features bag work and strength training moves to improve both strength and endurance. Small class sizes ensure each individual remains a priority for our coaches. No Kickboxing experience? No Problem! All fitness and skill levels will benefit from this fun and high energy class!

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Cardio Kickboxing provides an excellent way to spice up anyone’s fitness routine. This class will not only help cardiovascular endurance, but work to improve strength, flexibility, and core stability as well. With modifications ready for each individual move, cardio kickboxing can meet the needs of any person looking to improve their fitness.

5 Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing:

1. It’s Easier on Your Joints

Compared  to jogging, cardio kickboxing is extremely low impact. Participants  usually stand and face the instructor, and follow his or her movements.  The instructor may also demonstrate a series of moves and allow  participants to follow at their own speed.

 2. It's a Full Body Workout

Although  everyone is different, you can expect to burn about 500 to 600 calories  in a cardio kickboxing class. Unlike some other group fitness classes,  cardio kickboxing keeps your body moving at all times, keeping your  heart rate elevated. You might want to bring a towel, as you’re sure to  break a sweat!

This  exercise works both core and small muscle groups, to deliver a killer  full-body workout. Expect to get a nice burn in your quads and your hip  abductors, as well as in your obliques. Because this cardio fitness  exercise makes you continually shift weight from one area to another,  your abs are activated, working your core. Cardio kickboxing is a great  way to shed pounds, tone up and gain muscle.

3. It’s a Fun Way to Reduce Stress

Sometimes,  there’s nothing more therapeutic than punching or kicking something,  even if it’s just a bag. coaches focus on the natural stress relief that cardio kickboxing provides by encouraging you to engage  every muscle with each action. As you punch faster and kick higher,  you’ll feel more in control of the world around you. You can take out the frustration that has piled up inside from bad traffic, problems at  work and day-to-day challenges, in a healthy way.

4. It Shows Your Heart Some Love

Increasing your heart rate is good for your heart health, and cardio kickboxing definitely does the trick. There are enormous benefits to cardio exercises.


Cardio  exercises get the heart working, and improved heart health helps blood  pump through the body more easily. When your heart muscle works  properly, your blood pressure remains at optimal levels. You might  notice that you can climb stairs without getting as winded or play with your kids without needing to stop for air. Along with a healthy diet,  exercise decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. This  lowers your risk of heart disease.

5. You’ll Become More Coordinated

Cardio kickboxing might not make you a ninja, but it can help  your reflexes and coordination. This style of exercise makes you activate different parts of the body for different movements. For example, a cardio kickboxing routine includes activities like squatting,  shifting your weight from side to side, performing upper cuts, and  dipping down into lunges. With all this movement, you’ll find your  center, and all movement will come off that center. At first, some of  the moves or stances might be difficult, but the more you do them, the  more they’ll become second nature.

This  improved coordination can help you throughout the day, including  avoiding falls, using the right muscles for lifting groceries and even doing other sports. Cardio kickboxing is also a good exercise for  increasing your flexibility and improving your posture. These traits can help you in all other areas of life, whether bending to pick up a  dropped pen or sitting at your desk.