Kristen and JD Ballew

 We are so excited to enter into the Neutral Ground Stevens Point family!  Since my husband and I joined a little over 2 months ago, I have lost  10lbs and gained a lot more self confidence. JD has also lost over 20  lbs and 1 pants size. Our overall physical health has improved greatly.

I  never imagined myself getting through an entire cardio kickboxing  class, but I can do it! The staff and members at Neutral Ground have  made me feel so comfortable from the first day I walked through the  doors. They have all been so encouraging, which has helped me stick to  my goals.

It has been great partnering up and doing classes with  my husband, which has given us a healthy activity to do together! He has  also really enjoyed the Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu classes since joining.  This is the first time I have a "gym" membership where I am so excited  to keep coming back. I have Neutral Ground to thank for my journey to a  healthier me!!! 


Avery Week

 I remember the beginning of my junior year  in high school i had weighed in for football at over 245 lbs. I had  always known that i needed to lose weight, it was just a matter of  committing myself to finding a way. Years after high school I started to  make progress, I was down to nearly 180 lbs, but stuck to where I  couldn't lose anymore weight. The one thing I had felt myself lacking  was a real purpose to lose the weight, and keep it off. One day my  brother had told me about an open house at a local martial arts gym, it  had always been an interest to us so we decided to check it out. That  gym happened to be Neutral Ground Stevens Point, and needless to say  shortly after our first Jiu-Jitsu class we were both hooked. I remember  being so nervous that first week of classes, but that quickly changed to  excitement after realizing everyone is here to better themselves, just  like I was. Every person here is so friendly and will go out of their  way to help you understand anything you may be stuck on. It truly is a  great environment filled with hard-working and inspiring people that  only help make you work harder! After only a couple months of classes, I  had dropped all the way down to 160 lbs! I simply cannot imagine a more  meaningful, useful, and most of all fun way to lose weight and get in  shape! I feel much more comfortable rolling than I did when i first  started, and after earning my first stripe it has only motivated me  more! I hope to eventually enter a tournament or competition, and with  the support from all the great people at this gym I have no doubts that  ill have everything I need when i do get that chance. To sum it all up,  i'm grateful to be part of the NGSP family, and if you find yourself  wondering if you should try the classes out, take the jump! You will not  be dissapointed, and you may even be surprised with what can happen! 


Jessica Cramer

 I actually don't do any form of martial arts at all but I do play a  contact sport so I just dropped in for the fitness classes. This is a  great opportunity for cross training! It incorporates strength, agility  and endurance which are all things that will help improve my sports  performance on so many levels. The instructor did a great job at working  with different levels of fitness! I felt challenged 


Jocko Rude

 Love this gym! Not long before they opened I was contemplating traveling  out of town for MMA and kickboxing training. I stumbled across their  Facebook page and went to their first classes and have been attending  classes ever since. I've had some prior experience with stand up  striking but NGSP has definitely raised my striking defense and offense  to another level. I've had little to no experience in grappling and its  amazing how much I've learned and progressed in grappling in a short  period of time. I still get pumped every time I'm on my way to this gym.  Not only for the training, but the people and the environment. It  definitely feels like a family environment, everyone is very friendly.  We are always smiling, laughing, having a good time training and  learning in a very laid back, but motivating atmosphere. With all jokes  aside we train hard and definitely put work in. I highly recommend this  gym for anyone looking to train or just go get into shape and have fun  in the process 


Mike Ozanich

My wife and I started going to Neutral Ground the first year that they  opened in the area and we could not be happier. We both had no previous  experience, but the instructors made it known we could learn at our own  pace and made us feel right at home. Both her and my jiu jitsu have  gotten tons better, both standing and on the ground, and we're both in  much better shape. All in all, great gym, great people running it and  attending the classes, and great experiences. We can't recommend this  place enough. 


Moriel Charneski

 Neutral Ground went beyond my expecations  as far as training quality, atmosphere, and the members themselves.I  first came to Neutral Ground Stevens Point hoping to find more training  partners and a fresh look on technique and I ended up finding not only  that, but awesome instructors that are easy to learn from. They not only  care about what they are teaching me, but about what new things I  actually am coming away with and how I implement it in my practice.  Coach Sixel and his team are always happy to help me when I have  specific questions about the techniques I learn, or want to know more  about a certain area of my fight game.

I've had marked improvements in my ground work, control, movement, and striking among other things.

The  team culture at Neutral Ground is all about being a close knit family  and constantly helping each other to improve: this is NOT one of those  egotistical MMA gyms where anybody is out to prove something or try to  hurt their teammates. Since I've been training with the NGSP team my  confidence and overall mindset has improved more than I even thought  that it could and I'm glad I made the decision to give Neutral Ground a  try. 


Perry Worzella

 I have always enjoyed sports and exercise  and had become stagnant with the progress that I was making towards  greater physical and mental peak performance.  I have always believed  that if you want something that you have never achieved you have to  engage in something that you have never done.  With this in mind, back  in March of 2013 I ran across a display box that Neutral Ground Stevens  Point had placed in a local business along with some business cards.  In  the back of my mind I thought Wow Mixed Martial Arts that looks  interesting but is it for me?  At that time I was in my late 40’s and  most people would tell you that you should not do something like that at  your age.  Well I have never been one to flow with the status quo  mentality that leads to mediocre results at best. I decided to inquire  and called Mike Sixel.  I visited the gym and observed a class and then  committed to experience the free trial period and never looked back from  there.  Now 2 years later I have significantly increased my core  strength, flexibility, and overall physical and mental conditioning.   The benefits also reach much farther into helping you with mental  clarity, confidence, and breaking barriers with your personal and career  goals.  Neutral Ground is dedicated to excellence in Mixed Martial Arts  as well as Core and Cardio conditioning and displays a warm and  inviting environment.  Whether you want to get in the best shape of your  life or desire to actively compete Neutral Ground is a Place to Belong  and Succeed.  Come Join Us and experience the difference! 


Yen Chang (Elizabeth's Mom)

Elizabeth really enjoys going to the NGSP Kids Martial Arts Class. I've  noticed that her coordination is much improved from when she started. I  like that the classes teach her essentials such as working together with  others and waiting her turn. As she has become more confident in her  abilities, she has come out of her shell more. She is more eager to  volunteer answers or to demonstrate moves. She shows a sense of  accomplishment at the end of each class. The classes have had a positive  influence on her and I'm glad that we signed her up. 


Mike Fink (Sayer's Dad)

 When I accompanied Sawyer to his first kids class, I didn't know what to  expect. He was unsure of himself and didn't want to do any of the  drills with the other kids or with the instructor. He only wanted me to  help him. However after the class was finished and we were on our way  home, he told me how excited he was to be doing Martial Arts and  couldn't wait for the next week's classes.

After the last year, I  have seen Sawyer's self-confidence soar. He is also more sure of  himself and not as shy anymore. As he progressed and earned stripes on  his belt you could see the pride swell in him. The instructors at  Neutral Ground truly understand each kid in their class and what  motivates them. In my honest opinion, there is nothing else quite like  this in Central Wisconsin.