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SEP 19 UWSP Personal Defense Club - Intro Class and Sign Up

 Neutral Ground Personal Defense Club is hosting introductory  classes right at the UWSP Health and Education Center on Wednesday  September 19th. Coaches will be teaching Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu  techniques and concepts that will teach students proper ways to defend  themselves while standing or on the ground. Students will have also have  great opportunity to get in great shape, be around a positive social  environement as well as have opportunity to compete in Kickboxing, MMA,  or Jiu Jitsu if they wish.

Club representation will also be there  to answer any questions you might have about becoming a member. You can also email the club president at gbatt@uwsp.edu


OCT 27 Jiu Jitsu Seminar - BJJ Black Belt Jon Friedland

 3rd Degree Black Belt Jon Friedland is back once again in Central  Wisconsin to show some great grappling techniques and concepts at  Neutral Ground Stevens Point on October 27th. This will help any Jiu  Jitsu or MMA competitior with upcoming competitions. It will also help  anybody looking to better defend themselves while on the ground.  

After  the seminar, join the team as we will be heading to Pure FC  Championship in Oshkosh to support a couple of our fighters at the new  Menominee Nation Arena! 

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NOV 10 Striking Seminar - UFC Fighter Zak Ottow and Jake Klipp

 UFC Fighter Zak Ottow and Head Coach Jake Klipp will be coming to  central Wisconsin to put on a striking and clinch seminar at Neutral  Ground Stevens Point November 10th, 2018. Techniques taught will help  MMA and Kickboxing competitiors with upcoming competitions. It will also  help others looking for practical ways to defend themselves while on  their feet. Seminar will be $35. 

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